The Vallejo Then and Now

The Ferry Vallejo had a choppy history until recently. Originally a passenger ferry in Portland, Oregon in the late 19th century, the old paddle-wheeler was no longer needed after the construction of a bridge there in 1888 (sound familiar?). Following years of idleness, she was transported to San Francisco Bay,... Read more

FHA Board Meeting Notes — May 2017

TO KEEP EVERYONE UP TO DATE ON WHAT THE FHA BOARD IS DOING, HERE ARE SOME OF THE ITEMS THAT WERE DISCUSSED OR DECIDED AT THE MAY, 2017 BOARD MEETING: Sausalito Councilperson Jill Hoffman explained the history and current position the City of Sausalito holds with the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA). Sausalito is planning to withdraw... Read more

Float-In Movie – This Saturday, July 1

It’s time to wipe the algae off of your floating craft and get it ready for the movies. This Saturday night, July 1st will be another edition of the Float-In Movie. The movie screen and sound system will face the water from whence you will be undulating, watching and listening... Read more

Sausalito Beefs Up Richardson Bay Enforcement

As we previously reported, the City of Sausalito gave notice in December that they might withdraw from the Richardson Bay Regional Agency effective July 1. The City expressed concern about the agency’s effectiveness in removing marine debris, navigational hazards, and unsafe occupied vessels. As we expected, they have now followed... Read more

Wild Oyster Project – Volunteers Needed

A history of the San Francisco Bay could be told through the story of oysters. Native oysters were once in abundance, and their shells—found in the middens of Native Americans—date back to about 7,000 years ago. In the 1850’s people began bringing Olympia oysters to the Bay, from Puget Sound... Read more

All You Need is Love — 50 Years Ago Today

The Beatles’ song All You Need Is Love was performed live from Abbey Road Studios, 50 years ago today—June 25th, 1967—as part of the BBC-coordinated Our World Global Satellite Broadcast, the first ever live international simulcast. The song—sure to be included in this summer’s San Francisco’s Summer of Love events and sung the world... Read more

Warm Up Those Kazoos

Join the Floating Homes Humming Toadfish Kazoo Marching Band at the Sausalito 4th of July parade. The parade begins at 10 a.m. at Second Street and Main. Join us there at 9:00 to get your kazoo and other accouterments, and do a bit of rehearsing. After the parade, we’ll mosey... Read more

Sausalito by Land and Sea

Looking for a fresh take on Sausalito: what to do, where to go and what to eat? Need ideas for what to do with your summer visitors, or simply want to send them off for a few hours exploration on their own? In a recent travel piece for the SF... Read more

Multi-use Bike Path Project Kicks Off

Renovations begin this week on the Mill Valley-Sausalito Multiuse Pathway. The $565,000 makeover will commence in Mill Valley—timed to coincide with school being out for the summer, and other previously-slated public works projects. When the dust settles—in about 3 weeks—the far end of the Mill Valley–Sausalito bicycle and pedestrian path will... Read more