All You Need is Love — 50 Years Ago Today

The Beatles’ song All You Need Is Love was performed live from Abbey Road Studios, 50 years ago today—June 25th, 1967—as part of the BBC-coordinated Our World Global Satellite Broadcast, the first ever live international simulcast. The song—sure to be included in this summer’s San Francisco’s Summer of Love events and sung the world over—is commemorated in this original artwork special-edition button created by Antenna Theater’s Chris Hardman. “Celebrate one of the most iconic songs ever written with a message that is as valid today as it was 50 years ago”, exhorts Antenna’s e-commerce site The Hip E Store (hippie, hip e-store, get it?), “Sing the song with the whole world, spread the word, wear the button!” Along with buttons and t-shirts—all original designs by Chris Hardman—you’ll also find information about Antenna Theater’s Magic Bus Tour.

Not Just  A Tour, It’s A Trip (the button at left is a variant of the button guests receive as part of the tour) San Francisco’s Magic Bus has been making regular runs from Union Square since 2010. The immersive experience takes place while traveling on the bus (you’re either on the bus or you’re not) through the neighborhoods of Chinatown, North Beach, Golden Gate Park and Haight-Ashbury. The tour promises a transportive journey to an era of explosive musical and visual expression, with a message of peace and love, presented within the context of the history and cultural movements of the time. Watch this short 4-minute video to see:

NowShareLove Trips Out on the Magic Bus

And finally, check back to Antenna Theater’s site over the summer, where they’ve posted:

On June 25, 1967, over 400 million people in 25 countries heard The Beatles debut All You Need Is Love on Our World, which was the first live global satellite broadcast on television. Come celebrate with us on The Magic Bus at the LGBT Pride Parade as we use the song to build a bridge to a more cooperative and loving future.

On Sunday, June 25th, we’ll celebrate the 50th anniversary of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE by sending sky writers up to draw interlocking hearts over San Francisco’s 47th Annual LGBT Pride Parade!

All You Need Is Love

The Hip E Store is a celebration of the 60s Summer of Love, brought to you by Antenna Theater, a non-profit arts organization based in the California Bay Area. All artwork found in the Hip E Store is created by Chris Hardman, founder and artistic director of Antenna Theater

all artwork © Antenna Theater  |  post by Jenny Stein