Sausalito by Land and Sea

Paddle boarders and kayakers just beyond the Lagoon | photo and post by Jenny Stein

Looking for a fresh take on Sausalito: what to do, where to go and what to eat? Need ideas for what to do with your summer visitors, or simply want to send them off for a few hours exploration on their own?

In a recent travel piece for the SF Chronicle: Sausalito by land and sea, (Van Damme Dock’s) Maria Finn places Marinship history—happy 75th—within the context of places to explore in Sausalito, whether walking the shoreline or out on the water. It is the ideal guide to highlight the often overlooked (but right under our noses) aspects of Sausalito.

Prefer to explore from the comfort of an armchair, while brushing up on your local history? Sit back and enjoy a fascinating history-at-a-glance of Marinship, technicolor photos by Erik Castro, and a brief interview with (Gate 6 1/2 resident and historian) Larry Clinton.

This Saturday June 24 only—from 1-2 p.m. at the Bay Model:

Join Charles Wollenberg for his talk on Marinship and California’s Second Gold Rush and learn how the story of Marinship fits into the larger history of the “Second Gold Rush,” the extraordinary process of social and demographic change produced in the Bay Area by World War II.

Charles Wollenberg is a history instructor at Berkeley City College and Convener of the California Studies Seminar at UC Berkeley. Over the years, he has written several articles and books on 20th century California social history, including Marinship at War.