Peace Love & Support for the Varda Mosaic

Summer of Love Event Launches Campaign to Restore Sausalito’s Jean Varda Mosaic The famed Sausalito artist Jean Varda would have been right at home in Marinship Park last Sunday, as he and the Summer of Love were both celebrated with music of the ‘60s, dancing in the sunshine, art, libations,... Read more

World Premiere – Life is a Movie

  A wonderful retrospective journey for the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love The documentary film LIFE IS A MOVIE—the story of avant-garde filmmaker and photographer, Larry Moyer—had its world premiere May 19 at the Nice International Filmmaker Festival (Nice IFF) 2017. Held at the beginning of, and just up the Côtes d’Azur... Read more

Weeds – Down the Rabbit Hole

There’s a reason chefs say they’re “in the weeds” when the fast-paced, delicately-balanced dance of the restaurant kitchen becomes hopelessly unmanageable. I used to be weed-ignorant, and happily so. I now know more about weeds, and the tools and means to deal with them, than I usually care to admit. Along with learning... Read more

FHA Tour: “Homefront on the Waterfront”

The September 30, 2017 Floating Homes Tour will tie in with the 75th Anniversary of Marinship, which helped to foster today’s waterfront community. Although Gate 6 Road and the area north of there weren’t technically part of the vast WWII shipyard, these areas were settled after the war by returning... Read more

Gardening in the Time of Climate Change

For the first time in a very long time the MMWD (Marin Municipal Water District) is giving a big green thumbs up to watering our plants. As you turn on your irrigation, check that your system hasn’t sprung a leak. Hoses and nozzles degrade with lack of use as well as exposure to the elements. Think... Read more

Summer High Tides Sneaking UP

  This last week has been glorious. The dry heat of summer, with the forecast of blue skies stretching into June, signals that we’ve left the wet and cold of winter behind. What we haven’t quite escaped is the possibility of flooding at high tide. Over the next 5 days—starting Wednesday May 23 (high... Read more

HOW TO: Avoid Internet Scams

   A recent global cyberattack—malicious ransomware, appropriately named WannaCry—was aimed initially and primarily at the big players: universities, hospitals and multi-national companies. Rather than wait for the other shoe to drop—in the form of second-wave copycats wanting to get in on the action—the more responsible citizens among us are treating these global cyberattacks as a... Read more

Free Table for Jazz by the Bay

The Floating Homes Association has purchased a table for the upcoming Jazz & Blues by the Bay season at Gabrielson Park on the Sausalito waterfront. The table has been set aside for each dock on a specific Friday evening but everyone is welcome! Seats at the table will be organized... Read more

Summer of Love Celebration – May 21

  Join us Sunday May 21 for the celebration—Varda and the Summer of Love—from noon to 4 p.m. in Marinship Park—music, food, beer and wine. Dress as a flower child, form a human peace sign (at 12:15) and for one afternoon immerse yourself in the brightly-hued round-petaled flowers and psychedelic graphics of the 60s. This is... Read more

Epic Fishing Day!

Bill Finn Hooks a Sturgeon — May 3 2017 | video by Court Mast We met behind my house on West Pier at 7am on Wednesday, May 3. East Pier neighbor Bill Finn climbed into my 13-foot Boston Whaler and we headed out on glassy water—past Strawberry, around Tiburon, under... Read more