Winners At Day in the Park

Stephen Allison runs a leg of the shopping cart relay

Michael Snyder (right) and Steve Allison hoist their trophy, with help from an unidentified fan  |  photos by Melanie Rovens

Michael displayed the trophy on his front door  |  photo by Candice Gold

Claire Vu with her prize-winning cupcakes  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

There were plenty of winners at last Sunday’s FHA Day in the Park.

Michael Snyder (Issaquah) and Stephen Allison (Main) won the shopping cart relay race carrying crutches as a handicap in the last heat, and claimed their life ring trophy; the next day Michael proudly displayed it on his front door.

Teenager Claire Vu of Gate 6 ½ won best overall entry in the Bake–off for her brown sugar chai cupcakes. Other winners were Melanie Hamburger (Best Decoration, Liberty), Hazel Stoneback (Best Cookie, Main), and Jonah Smith (Best Cake, Issaquah).

But perhaps the biggest winner of all was the Floating Homes Association, which netted 19 new or renewing members, and a profit of over $8,000 thanks to sponsors, food sales, and donations. Those funds will be used to cover operating expenses and community services for the rest of the year.

This year, Davey Jones served chili, a clam chowder with smoked trout, and a vegan lentil soup with assistance from Peter Miller (Main) and Lovise Mills (South 40).

Once again we were honored with the presence of Assemblymember Damon Connolly, County Supervisor Stephanie Moulton-Peters and Sausalito Councilperson Jill Hoffman, who helped judge the hotly contested pet costume contest.

Asssemblymember Connolly assured the crowd that there will be no changes to the AB252 rent stabilization law without the entire community being involved in the process.  Click here to view a video of his comments.