Halloween Spirit at A Day in the Park

Sisters Jaliylah and Antanasia Cook (l. to r.) helped judge the costume contests  |  photo by Julie Durbin  |  post by Jaliyah Cook

On the afternoon of October 29, dogs and their owners celebrated Halloween at A Day in the Park dressed in only the most creative costumes to participate in the annual pet parade and costume contest. This year for dogs, three winners and runner ups were chosen for three categories with the winners receiving an anonymous cash prize. From pirates and prisoners to chickens and skunks, the turnout was great! The three categories the contestants competed for this year were best costume, best character trait, and best trick.

The winner for costume was Toby, a cocker spaniel, for his incredibly impressive Ted the bear costume, and the runner up was Niko, for his stunning chicken costume. Lucy, a yorkie, was awarded best character trait for her notably well–behaved demeanor. Next up was Toots, for his opposingly wild and silly personality. Last but certainly not least, Coho, a golden labradoodle, won best trick for his honorable ability to not only balance on his owner’s back, but do additional tricks such as sit and stand whilst on their back. Those who attended A Day in The Park were lucky enough to even witness this talent in person! And we can’t forget runner up Kelly, whose remarkable on–demand singing voice shouldn’t be overlooked.

Although no physical prize was awarded for human costume contest winners, the victors of this year’s contest got to revel in their triumph. Two winners were chosen this year, both for their dedication to the competition. One of the winners, who also happened to be the owner of contest champion Toby, dressed up as the human protagonist in the movie Ted. Our other champ also matched with her furry friend, both rocking seasonal winter outfits. She wore a penguin costume and presented the judges with a display of her astounding penguin dances!

Celebrating A Day in The Park was certainly a blast and the pet parade and costume contest certainly made the day even better.