The Value of FHA Membership

The FHA subsidizes each dock, providing funds for improvements and/or get-togethers like this Gate 6-1/2 dock party  |  photo by Larry Clinton  |  post by Mari Steeno, Outgoing Membership Chair

Membership in the Floating Homes Association is how we engage our community in the activities that provide support for our lifestyle, building positive relationships with the larger community and ensuring safety and security for members and neighbors. In order to balance the workload required to maintain an effective volunteer community organization, the FHA board is currently organized into various committees. FHA members or community members at large are encouraged to volunteer for a committee of interest to you.

Your support is essential to continue these vital community services. Please join the FHA or renew your membership. The annual dues are $25 or a three-year membership for the reduced price of $65. New memberships will be accepted at the Annual Meeting, or you can join or renew online at the FHA website – CLICK HERE.

Annual Membership Party is free to FHA members – LINK to FHA Party blogpost.

The Board of Directors continues to lead the community in the following activities:

  • • Ongoing Emergency Preparedness, which supports every resident and each dock to be self-sufficient in any emergency
  • The Annual Tour, which educates visitors about our past and present and enables the FHA to support various local nonprofit organizations
  • Advocacy, including safer travel in the Gate 6 Road intersection
  • The FHA Website and new FHA blog, which contain regularly updated information, such as tide and weather alerts; the latest information on environmental and emergency response concerns; resources for home financing, insurance, maintenance, and other services; tide charts and calendars; and contact information for local community and governmental agencies.