Ted Sempliner Returns to Catalina

Michael, Teddie, Jane, Brad, Mary and Linda (l. to r.) disembark at Avalon
Teddie's wreath containing Ted's ashes
Brad launching the wreath
Raising a toast to Ted
Linda with memorial Adirondack chair on Kappas Green  |  this photo by Teddie Hathaway  |  other photos and post by Larry Clinton

When long–time East Pierian Ted Sempliner was a boy, his family spent many happy weekends aboard their yacht at Catalina. Ted, who passed away in May, was one of those kids who dove for coins tossed from the Catalina Ferry, and always considered the island his favorite place. So that’s where his widow Linda decided to scatter his ashes.

With the help of neighbors Brad and Teddie Hathaway, Linda found a tour boat that could be chartered for the ceremony and arranged transportation to the island on the Catalina Express ferry out of San Pedro. My wife Jane and I joined them, as did Ted’s sister Mary and Linda’s son Michael.

Teddie fashioned a flowered wreath with a pouch of biodegradable paper to hold Ted’s ashes, and Brad released it out in open waters. The pouch was meant to dissolve in a few minutes, allowing Ted’s ashes to be returned to the waters he loved.

We drank a few sips of Ted’s favorite beer, munched his favorite snacks, and shared warm memories of our departed neighbor—especially his many contributions to the Floating Homes Association. The day was beautiful, the water was calm, and it all added up to a fitting sendoff for a dear friend.