Ted Sempliner Suffers Fatal Fall

Ted enjoying life on East Pier | photo from Linda Sempliner | post by Carole Angermeir and Larry Clinton

Ex-East Pier resident Ted Sempliner passed away peacefully on May 21 after a fall at SFO. He and his wife Linda were joining Teddie and Brad Hathaway for a cruise when he tripped and fell, hit his head, went into a coma, and never awakened.

Dock rep Carole Angermeir wrote to her neighbors: “Ted was a wonderful guy and contributed so much over the years to life on East Pier. Ted was particularly helpful in organizing the meals for FHA events, raising money for the FHA and getting sponsors for FHA events. He will be missed by all of us who knew him.”

Linda is planning a private memorial service at Catalina, Ted’s favorite place. Click here to send her condolences.