South 40’s Enchanting Mailboxes

Susan has created a wide variety of mailbox designs  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

A few years back, when Waldo Point Harbor was converting from traditional mailboxes to locking cluster box units, South 40 residents sought permission to retain the old fashioned style. Not long after that, some neighbors asked Susan Neri to help decorate their boxes.

Susan is a lifelong graphic designer, and has been a resident of South 40 since 1990 (after an 8-year stay on Main Dock). She got together with her neighbors to come up with individual design concepts, and then went to work. She estimates she’s decorated 14 mailboxes so far, with more in progress.  She even shipped one to the state of Michigan.

Her neighbors appreciate her skills—as neighbor Flo Hoylman puts it, “it is fun to find a new one every week or so. It is making our entryway more magical.”

This has been a good project for the COVID shutdown, says Susan. “It’s been fun for all of us.”