Safety Tip: Move Your Emergency Kit

Safe and handy emergency kit | photo and post courtesy of Flo Hoylman

Here’s the third tip of Emergency Preparedness Month from our own Flo Hoylman:

Your emergency kit should be easy to grab. You can’t know where you’ll be when an earthquake strikes, and may be in a panic trying to keep yourself and your family safe. Your bag should be near the main exit of your home, so you can get it quickly. Consider putting it under a sturdy piece of furniture … somewhere it won’t get covered or lost.

You probably won’t have time to collect valuables during the event, but your family’s safety is most important. If you need to evacuate, you’ll head straight to the front door or your primary exit, so make sure your supplies are ready and waiting.

Pro Tip – if you don’t have a great place to stash it by the exit, consider storing your earthquake bag in the trunk of your car. Odds are you’ll be wherever your car is when the next major earthquake strikes. Even better, keep one kit handy at home, and another in your car.