RBRA Explores Anchor-Out Solutions

Sunken anchor-out  |  Photo and post by Court Mast

On Thursday, March 12, the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) had its monthly meeting at Tiburon Town Hall. The meeting was highly anticipated because of two recent requirements laid down from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC). Those requirements were 1) the RBRA was to remove from Richardson’s Bay all anchored-out vessels that were unoccupied, unregistered, or unseaworthy by the end of March, and 2) the RBRA was required to submit a plan by the end of March for the complete removal of all vessels, including occupied vessels.

The meeting was well attended by representatives from both the anchor-outs and residents of the Belvedere shoreline. The anchor-outs spoke of their desire to remain on the water permanently, with the use of a mooring field and increased shoreline access. The Belvedere residents spoke of their desire for the removal of all anchor-out vessels because of the constant bombardment of their shoreline from vessels gone adrift.

Curtis Havel, the RBRA Harbormaster, detailed the ongoing removal of vessels according to BCDC and RBRA guidelines. The current total of vessels is around 135, much lower than the high of 240 seen last year. However, the number fluctuates because while vessels are removed by Curtis, the vessels’ owners are returning with new replacement vessels. The BCDC has expressly forbidden the return of any new vessels.

RBRA staff presented multiple options to the Board ranging from a mooring field of undetermined size located somewhere in Richardson Bay to the complete removal of all vessels from the area. By the end of the meeting, the RBRA Board directed staff to provide a condensed version of all the options, call it a plan, and present it to the BCDC at the end of March.

Due to the COVID-19 issue, the BCDC meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 has been cancelled.  The next meeting, on April 9, is still scheduled for now.