Our Voices Have Been Heard

post by Sandy Harford—Issaquah Dock Rep  |  photos by Jenny Stein

Earlier this week, over at Waldo Point Harbor, we saw the notice that Aquamaster, a toxic herbicide produced by Monsanto, was about to be sprayed around our beautiful bay. Issaquah dock reps Ali Johnston and myself (Sandy Harford) quickly put the word out to our dock mates that they just might want to weigh in on this issue. It’s well noted how much harm herbicides containing glyphosate (the same active ingredient in Roundup) can do to human and animal health, and to our environment.

Time was of the essence; spraying for weeds was scheduled for early the next week—May 8 and 9. Residents of neighboring docks were called to action as well. As a result, WPH was inundated with calls, emails and visits by concerned dock folks. Many of us consulted local conservation agencies, city managers, wildlife centers and professional gardeners for advice—who quickly responded with super-helpful feedback.

On Thursday afternoon Ali and I met with Sandy Miyashiro, WPH Property Manager, to see what was possible, and to pass on some alternate solutions. It was a very successful meeting; Sandy informed us straight away that the sprayings were cancelled for Monday & Tuesday. Hooray and hugs all around. She will work with dock reps and the gardening service for a better green plan going forward.

Side note: Many on Issaquah volunteered for a weed party! Although we’re not sure if our weeding skills are needed—just yet—stay tuned. We can always have our own beautification gardening project separately if need be. Have a beautiful day!

This recent Marin IJ article by Richard Halstead provides a good overview of where we are with pesticide and herbicide use here in Marin County, and, as importantly, where we are headed: 

Marin County campaign aims to curb residents’ use of pesticides