Murder on the Dock of the Bay

The cover of Rick’s book  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

“Murder on the Dock of the Bay” is the fourth and final mystery novel by Sausalito native Rick Seymour, who passed away in January. It’s set in the contemporary floating homes community and is chock full of timely references to the people and places of Sausalito.

With his wife Sharon, Rick was active in the Historical Society, Sausalito Village and many other civic organizations. He was on a first name basis with everyone from the chief of police to whiskey-logged anchor-outs, and all make appearances in his book.

The plot involves what at first appears to be a murder-suicide on a floating home on fictitious Richardson Dock. But all of the other landmarks are accurately described and most of the characters are recognizable locals.

Rick’s protagonist, Russ Gable, is a retired Interpol agent who helps investigate the homicide and eventually recruits an old Interpol partner, the chief of police of the island of Hydra, and an ex-Chicago beat cop to help solve the mystery.

Their investigation includes going undercover as security monitors during a Floating Homes Tour where they finally discover the truth and an unlikely hero. It’s a gripping read, all the more fun because of all the local references.

The 270-word paperback is on sale at Sausalito Books by the Bay. I only wish I’d gotten my copy autographed when I had the chance.

By the way, the open homes tour, for 30-plus years the chief funding mechanism for the Floating Homes Association, is on hiatus until one or more volunteers can be found to run it. That’s a big job, but all the tasks have been well documented and there’s a pool of experienced volunteers ready to get back in the saddle. In the past, some tours have been led by people very new to the community. Organizational skills are more important than familiarity with our waterfront lifestyle. If you’re interested in taking on this challenge, please contact the FHA.