More Carts on Order

Three types of carts have been ordered, as specified by dock reps | photo and post by Larry Clinton

After polling dock reps to determine the need for replacement shopping carts, the Floating Homes Association has ordered 27 new carts for use by residents. Three types were ordered and should be delivered in the next few weeks. Dock reps will be notified of their arrival and can pick up each dock’s allocation from the parking lots at either Kappas or Liberty Dock.

The life of these carts can be extended by keeping them away from salt water and not overburdening them with heavy loads. Contractors should be instructed to supply their own conveyances, and not to use dock carts for heavy loads. A study conducted by Pete Hudson (Main Dock), determined that when carts are stored out of sight (such as behind the trash enclosure at West Pier), they are less likely to disappear.