Private Tour For Special Groups

Flo Hoylman welcomes attendees to private tour | photo by Michael Lewis | post by Larry Clinton

On June 12, the Floating Homes Association offered a private tour to members of Sausalito Village and Friends of the Marin City Library. Both organizations have participated in our Open Homes tour for a number of years, providing dozens of volunteers.

About 30 attendees were met in front of East Pier by Flo Hoylman, who gave them a brief orientation and then accompanied them down the dock to the homes of Linda Meyer and Gordon Haight, Wilford Welch and Carole Angermier, Teddie and Brad Hathaway, and Linda and Ted Sempliner. Homeowners and other docents were on hand to answer questions about our unique lifestyle.

If you know of groups that might be interested in a similar private tour, please contact Katherine Boschetto.