Meeting Assemblyman Levine

Post by Teddie Hathaway and Larry Clinton | photo by Larry Clinton

A group of floating homes residents met with Marc Levine, our State Assemblyman, at the home of Carol Angermier and Wilford Welch on Sunday afternoon June 26. The event was co-hosted by Brad and Teddie Hathaway, also East Pier residents.

When Mr. Levine was first elected to the Assembly in 2012, he helped us pass crucial legislation: AB 2046 which exempts any floating home marina that is purchased by its residents from reassessment, and AB 253 which paves the way for a marina purchased by its residents to form a condominium association. These laws will make it easier for residents to purchase their marina, if that opportunity ever arises. We have a great deal to be grateful to him for.

As we requested, Mr. Levine spent a few minutes talking about his background and how he got involved in politics in the first place; a Q and A session followed. The discussion included gun control, water conservation, anchor-outs and the Richardson Bay Regional Agency.

Because we think it is important to have a chance to meet the people who represent us in the different levels of government, we plan to continue the series with our State Senator Mike McGuire in October.