Marin Recovery Planning

Illustration from  |  reposted from letter from Kate Sears

The County of Marin, in collaboration with individuals from cities and towns across the County, is launching  the website to connect local residents, business owners, community leaders and public health professionals to collaborate on reopening the economy and community in a safe manner.

“The goal is to provide a mobile-optimized, centralized resource for all Marin residents and business owners to access recovery information,” says Supervisor Kate Sears. Each municipality in Marin will contribute content so the website remains a rich resource through COVID19 recovery.

In addition to providing an overview of recovery resources, the website outlines three stages of reopening the local economy and relaxing of shelter-in-place orders: 1) Slow the spread; 2) Sequential reopening under the Stay-at-Home Order; 3) End of the Stay-at-Home Order.

Each stage of recovery has criteria that must be met before moving to the next phase to continue the successful mitigation of COVID-19 while building the infrastructure needed to move forward. A detailed recovery guidance document, the Marin County COVID-19 Recovery Plan, is available for download in English & Español.

A key aspect of the Marin Recovers industry advisory process is the ability for the public to provide input and feedback to the advisory groups leading the recovery effort.