Love is In the Air – Oct 6

At 2 p.m. October 6, somewhere above the Golden Gate Bridge, there will be a countdown. “Ten, nine…three, two, one!” For The Heart Of San Francisco celebration a skywriting plane will draw a giant heart above the Golden Gate Bridge. Large and small vessels, flying hearts and flowers, will sail the Bay. Many folks will sing “All You Need Is LOVE” and when completed all the boats in the bay are invited to blow their horns, ring their bells and wish each other a peaceful and loving world.

To join the fun, first find a place with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, maybe a park like Crissy Field or say a friend’s boat. Pack a fancy picnic. Pack a music machine. We play “All You Need Is LOVE” when the heart appears; you could too.

We also suggest you fly a kite, preferably a white kite. Launch the kite right after the heart is complete and help fill the world with light. And it’s always handy to have bubbles to blow when outdoors on a sunny Sunday.

If Peace and Love have a geographic epicenter anywhere on the globe it would no doubt be San Francisco. Many people feel that they left their hearts in San Francisco, and many found their hearts here; lost or found, people believe this is where love and peace reside.

So, what is the magical, metaphysical radiance that draws people of good will to SF? Jerry Garcia probably came closest to laying it out:

“What we’re thinking about is a peaceful planet, we’re not thinking about anything else.
We’re not thinking about power, we’re not thinking about revolution or war.
Nobody wants to hurt anybody. Nobody wants to get hurt.
We would all like to live an uncluttered life, a simple life,
a good life and think about moving the whole human race ahead a step ….”

You can help fund the heart of San Francisco. Buy a piece of the heart and give it as a gift.

This notice comes from Antenna Theater of Sausalito, a non-profit arts organization which creates original work in many disciplines. Artistic Director Chris Hardman founded Antenna in 1980 on the Sausalito waterfront to experiment with the essential dynamics of sound, sculpture and live performance.

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