Lagoon Wedding

Michele was escorted by old friends
Some guests came by boat
Sealed with a kiss
First dance as a (California) married couple
The Dock Kraft band capped the festivities  |  post by Larry Clinton  |  photos by Larry Clinton, Sally Seyler and Jennifer Peck

Michele Affronte and Keith Shaw of Liberty Dock were married earlier this year in an intimate ceremony on the Brittany Coast of France. But they decided to stage a second ceremony in the Waldo Point lagoon, to share their happiness with friends and neighbors.

On September 29 they repeated their vows on a raft of floats near the end of the dock. The officiant was Michele’s long-time friend Marjorie Lambert.  Julie Durbin of West Pier served as maid of honor, and the bridesmaid was Keith’s daughter Paige. Ed Lopez provided recorded music for the ceremony, and later the Doc Kraft band played for dancing.