Hundreds Flock to A@I

Issaquah residents Joe Ruzek and Kim Anh-Le greet visitors  |  photo by Larry Clinton
Cloudy skies only added to the artistic mystique
A@I founder Jim Woessner entertains visitors to his home, Box Poem
Kimberly Wright presents wooden bowls handcrafted by Tomas Ludlam
Malia Dailey with photo prints by Issaquah alum Ric Miller
Tired tourists join a sleepy scarecrow  |  these photos by Addison "Buz" Olian  |  post by Larry Clinton

On Saturday, October 15, Artists@Issaquah returned after a three-year hiatus. More than 400 art lovers and floating homes enthusiasts visited the dock, admiring the works of 15 waterfront artists in 10 different Issaquah homes.

The event was free, and visitors were encouraged to donate to art programs in local schools. We’ll have a report on that campaign in an upcoming Floating Times.