Houseboat History in Songs and Stories

Larry and Joe at the Yacht Club  |  photo by Donna Bragg Tate  |  post by Larry Clinton

Last week, Joe Tate and I presented “Houseboat History in Songs and Stories” at the Sausalito Yacht Club. Using Historical Society sources, I recounted the development of waterfront living from the arks of the Victorian era up to the present day. Joe, leader of the pirate band the Redlegs since the 60s, added personal recollections of the houseboat wars and other historic events, and performed a number of songs, including some of his originals.

The Yacht Club has posted a video of the presentation on their YouTube channel. The sound improves as the video goes on.

Gratified by the response from the yacht clubbers, Joe suggested that perhaps our next gig should be a stadium tour.