Halloween Haunts at the Harbor

Pirates spotted at the Mayflower | photo and post by Aditi Iyer
Festive decorations on Liberty Dock
Sandy Harford and her lion Dipsea at the Issaquah Halloween dog parade
John Ryan, Mary Lou Jepsen and their lobster Chewie at the Issaquah Halloween dog parade
Prince (Oliver) takes home the first prize at the Issaquah Halloween dog parade
Residents get creative at the pumpkin carving contest | photo by Sandy Harford
Festive pumpkins on Issaquah | photo by Sandy Harford
COVID-safe spooky times on Van Damme dock | photo by Maria Finn

COVID-19 didn’t slow down Halloween at Waldo Point Harbor this year. Residents came together to put up spooky decor, organize socially-distant events, and devise COVID-safe trick-or-treating for the children of our floating homes community.

Things kicked off Friday afternoon with the annual Issaquah dog parade and pumpkin carving contest. Malia Rudolf’s pup Oliver rode off with first prize in the dog parade; in the pumpkin carving contest, it was universally acknowledged that the kids’ entries won the day, with Katrina Wagner taking home first prize of the adults’ entries for her fantastic ‘crows in trees’ pumpkin. Neighbors put up festive and fearsome decorations, and came up with creative, socially-distant ways to deliver treats to trick-or-treaters—some of you may have seen Jim Rettew of Liberty Dock up on his roof delivering Skittles through a candy chute, or experienced Charles Van Damme Dock’s spooky Halloween display firsthand.

Thanks to all the residents who participated in making this year’s Halloween such a fun and safe event for all, once again demonstrating what a wonderful community we share!