Gate 6 Intersection Work To Begin

The new intersection will be safer for cyclists, pedestrians and—hopefully—vehicle traffic  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

After several delays, on Monday, January 18 February 8, Ghilotti Construction is expected to close the Bridgeway/Gate 6 pedestrian corners and the right lane of the northbound onramp to begin improvements for the Gate 6 intersection project. Posted detour signs will direct cyclists, pedestrians and motorists around the closures.

According to the Marin IJ, the project will also reconfigure the bike route linking the path across the intersection to southbound Bridgeway, where there is no dedicated off-street bike path. The project will add bicycle detection sensors to the intersection and green light signals for cyclists. Other improvements include repaving the road and upgrading curb ramps to current accessibility standards.

As we’ve all seen, there currently is no clear way for a cyclist to cross the intersection, move over to the west side of the road and access that southbound lane. “A lot of cyclists were doing interesting, sometimes dangerous things to get over,” said project manager Jill Barnes. “These improvements will hopefully solve those issues.”

Bjorn Griepenburg, policy and planning director for the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, said the route through Sausalito is one of the busiest in all of Marin and the Bay Area.

“This project will make a diagonal crossing that is much more intuitive in a way that will protect cyclists from traffic,” he said. “It’s an important project.”

Construction is expected to be finished in the fall, so we can expect delays and changing conditions in the intersection for the next several months.