Gary Appleton Dies

Gary with Isaac the bulldog  |  photo by Gary’s niece, Michele Perreault   |  post by Larry Clinton

Gary Appleton, longtime resident of the Appleton Ark near the new Van Damme Dock, passed away in July.

Gary moved to Sausalito from the Monterey Peninsula in 1959 and established his career as a commercial painter. But his true passion was his home in Waldo Point. Originally a pile driver barge used in the construction of the Carquinez Bridge in 1927, the ark was brought to Sausalito and beached by waterfront legend Don Arques. After installing pilings to support a new floor, Gary completely rebuilt this extraordinary home on top of the original hull, assisted by his nephew Nelson Scott, a professional contractor. Together they created the medieval themed ark complete with a life-sized knight in shining armor, a fish/turtle pond with waterfalls, and breathtaking view of the bay. The ark was on the 2011 Floating Homes tour and was featured in a recent episode of the Discovery Channels series Ultimate Homes.

Gary had a great love for his pets which included Myna birds, parrots, cats, goldfish, turtles and dogs. He will be missed by friends, neighbors and his nieces and nephews. A private inurnment at the Appleton Family Plot will be held this fall at the El Garmelo Cemetery in Pacific Grove.