FHA Seeks Webmaster

There’s plenty to explore on the new website | screen shot by Aditi Iyer | post by Larry Clinton

Over a year ago, Liberty Dock rep Jim Rettew launched an updated website for the Floating Homes Association. Built on the Wix platform, the new site acts as our informational hub including  contacts, membership, events calendar, and store orders.

Now Jim must step aside to focus on professional pursuits, so the FHA needs to find a volunteer to replace him. Jim estimates he spends 4 hours a week dealing with the following tasks:

  • Record keeping
  • Membership and answering membership inquiries
  • Editing the website
  • Event updates
  • Mailchimp
  • Posting ads for FHA sponsors
  • Taking in payments for membership and FHA merchandise
  • Business process automation
  • Web hosting and domain maintenance

If you or someone you know has experience in these areas, please contact Jim. He will be happy to help you take over and will also be available to answer any questions that might come up in the future.