FHA Pares Budget

Wait till next year for FHA Day in the Park | photo by Jen Gennari | post by Larry Clinton

With only one private tour this year, and no public tour, the Board of the Floating Homes Association has agreed to reduce spending. Until we can begin increasing income through tours or other means, it will be necessary to eliminate reimbursements for dock activities, stop buying shopping carts, and reduce office expenses.

Due to Shelter-in-Place restrictions, there will be no Day in the Park this year, and Coastal Cleanup will not include the materials and free barbeque of previous years. CERT trainings have been put on hold, so no training fees will be reimbursed.

It appears it will be necessary to continue these cuts into next year and significantly reduce the cost of the annual meeting dinner as well.

The reduced budget does include modest expenditures for emergency supplies and cart repairs. The Board agreed to form a committee to consider additional cost-cutting and fund-raising ideas. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Forward your ideas to FHA President Michael Labate.

Michael passes along this message: “Please remember these are necessary measures in response to Covid-19 restrictions. We did not take these actions lightly and hope to rescind them as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please make your dock reps aware. And by all means, stay safe.”