FHA Board Meeting Notes – September and October 2016

To keep everyone up to date on what the FHA Board is doing, here are some of the items that were discussed or decided at the September and October 2016 Board Meetings:

  • Chris Clark (a relative of Charles Van Damme) discussed the project to save artifacts from the old ferry. Marin County has approved the project; BCDC still needs to approve. The project is looking for volunteers and donations. More information is available here: www.charlesvandammeferry.org
  • This year’s tour was limited to 500 presold tickets, and revenue was lower than in 2015, while expenses were higher. Discussion on the amount of donations to participating nonprofits was tabled until the November meeting, after looking at the FHA’s operating results through October.
  • Dock reps will report on how composting funds are being used on each dock. The number of people composting is increasing on some docks.
  • A proposal was unanimously accepted to merge the blog into the Floating Times. The updated Floating Times will appear on the FHA website starting in January, along with instructions on how to subscribe for future news updates.
  • After the October CERT training, which included exercises on East and West Piers, we now have 16 new CERTS. Everyone who participated learned about how to work on the docks, including the firefighters. We hope to repeat this program next year. Emergency Preparedness Chair Flo Hoylman would like to have practice sessions to keep preparedness current on the docks.
  • One problem noted during the training was that big flower pots on docks present possible hazards to emergency responders, since they could fall over and block access. Dock reps were asked to encourage residents to strap large pots to the railings.
  • We have a new generator and a new pump in the emergency services trailer, thanks to Peter Hudson. The trailer has been turned around and reorganized.
  • Dock reps were asked to check on the installation of waterside house numbers on their docks, and to encourage residents to put them up if they haven’t already. These will help waterborne emergency responders find specific homes in case of emergency.
  • Dock Representatives and Alternates were asked whether they plan to stand for re-election for 2017, and if not to suggest replacements.
  • All Board officers’ terms are up this year. The Board will vote on officers at the January Board Meeting.
  • The October All Dock Alert attracted about 50 residents who shared wonderful food and wine (Community News – Fall 2016)
  • The Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) needs more money and staff to do what they are charged to do: monitoring the local anchorage and removing derelict vessels from the waterway. They have received two grants.
  • The E Waste recycling event on October 22nd was a success (more information in Community News – Fall 2016).
  • The Board is gathering a list of long-term residents to be interviewed for oral histories. Volunteers are needed to conduct these interviews.
  • The Board continues to look for a Secretary and Membership Chair.