County Considers Reusable Foodware Ordinance Apr 19

What would Moses find if he parted the Red Sea today? | illustration from David Moreno | post by Larry Clinton

David Moreno of Main Dock passes along the news that on April 19, the Marin County Board of Supervisors will have their first hearing and vote on a draft ordinance addressing reusable foodware. A final adoption vote is scheduled for May 10. If adopted, the ordinance will:

  • Replace single-use plastic packaging with plastic-free compostable or recyclable aluminum
  • Restrict restaurants to giving out single-use accessories (utensils, straws, condiment packets, etc.) only when a customer specifically requests them.
  • Ensure you will only be served with reusable plates, cups, and utensils when you dine at a restaurant
  • Reduce take-out disposable cups by imposing a 25-cent charge (like disposable grocery bag charges)

The supervisors need to hear from local businesses and youth. If you care about these issues, you can urge local food businesses to contact their supervisor or testify at the hearing in person or by Zoom. You can also encourage others to testify and/or write to the supervisors here.