Community News: Fire Safety and eWaste

Stuart Riddell gets 3 extinguishers recharged by FireMaster Gabe Woods  |  photo by Emily Riddell  |  post by Jenny Stein
West Pier's Court Mast stopped by  | photos by Flo Hoylman
As did Liberty Dock's Michele Affronte
Floating Homes residents, and some passers by, dropped off e-waste for recycling. Both events took place in the WPH parking lot, stacked in alongside WPH construction  |  photos by Emily Riddell
Electronic waste was sorted and prepared for recycling by the Conservation Corp North Bay
Over the course of the day—and with a lot of patiently waiting around—the CCNB crew took in over half a ton of e-waste
In contrast to 2 weeks earlier—both events were originally scheduled for Oct 14 but were postponed due to poor air quality—the day couldn't have been finer
Thanks to the entire CCNB crew and for all who helped make this event a success  |  photo by Terri Thomas

Stuart Riddell of Issaquah and other residents got their fire extinguishers recharged or replaced when Gabe Woods of FireMasters visited the Waldo Point Harbor parking lot on October 28.

Stuart and Emily (behind the camera) stopped by to refill 3 extinguishers. That would be Emily, aka the Fire Lady, from her days as the FHA Emergency Preparedness gal. A special thanks to Stuart, who—in his role as the FHA Emergency Preparedness guy many years ago—first brought the FireMaster services to Issaquah. It’s now an annual thing.

For the second year the Conservation Corp North Bay (CCNB) has teamed with the FHA and Environmental Committee to collect and recycle electronic waste. We had 37 participants drop off a total of 1,221 pounds of e-waste. All in all a good haul, including 419 lbs of old-style TVs, 161 lbs of household appliances, 117 lbs of laptops and 432 lbs of mixed e-waste. All those hard drives, towers, cell phones, cords and wires add up.

Mark your calendars for next year’s e-waste collection events:

SPRING Saturday April 21, 2018 at the Sausalito Yard Sale in the MLK parking lot and basketball courts FALL Saturday October 13, 2018 in the WPH parking lot

Community News – Fall 2016