Car Vandalism at Issaquah

Oct 27—2 cars were vandalized in the Issaquah parking lot—cars belonging to both an Issaquah resident and and the caretaker of another Issaquah resident. Nothing was taken and the break-ins were reported to the Marin Sheriff's Dept  |  photo by Emily Riddell  | post by Jenny Stein
Stats on all sorts of crimes are available through the Marin Sheriff's Dept—narrowing the search to "Burglary from Motor Vehicle" for the past year shows these reported events.
In addition to defining the time frame, the user is able to make selections from a long list of crime categories—shown here are the reported Burglaries from Motor Vehicle over the past 2 months

A week ago 2 cars were broken into, in the Issaquah parking lot. Nothing was taken, but still. Both break-ins were reported to the Marin Sheriff’s Department.

Back in July another vehicle belonging to Issaquah residents was vandalized. A pattern? Who knows.

This we do know. Break-ins have occurred, so do not leave items—within sight—in your car. If, unfortunately, your car is broken into, please report the crime. Even if nothing has been stolen. The Marin Sheriff’s Department encourages the community to call and report criminal activity. The more they hear from us the more attention they will give to policing our area.

The non-emergency number for the Marin City Sheriff’s Substation: 415 332-5422

For emergencies please dial 911

Stats for the past month—from Community Crime Map




A very useful tool for monitoring and understanding local crimes (there’s a long list to choose from and the ability to narrow a search to specific dates) can be found on this site—Community Crime Map—a site designed for crime mapping, email reports and tips for the public.