Warm Farewell Despite the Weather

Dozens braved the chilly fog
Refreshments included a bubbling brew that Bruce Malcolm dubbed "blood"
... and glasses were raised in response
Steve Sekhon made a toast to Stuart and Emily...
Even Spiderman (Bronson Castro) dropped in to enjoy the potluck buffet
Always the photographer, Emily captured some happy memories ...  |  post and previous photos by Larry Clinton
... and these are some fruits of her labors: Debby Ludwig mugging to the amusement of Mickey Allison, Tomas Ludlum and Kimberly Wright
A sentiment shared by all |  last two photos by Emily Riddell

The skies were misty, and so were many people’s eyes as Issaquah neighbors and other friends gathered to wish a fond farewell to Emily and Stuart Riddell. After 27 years on the dock, they’ve sold their floating home and are moving to Southern California to be closer to their kids and grandkids.

Everyone bundled up and clustered together for a chance to wish them well. The potluck buffet was a groaning board, and the drinks were bracing.

Best wishes to Emily and Stuart in their new home.