CERT Training – Wait List Open

Command Central  |  photos by Flo Hoylman  |  post by Larry Clinton
Triage station
Searching for victims
Marking homes where help is needed
Assessing victim with a broken leg
Victim's leg successfully splinted
Learning to crib (lift heavy objects)
Ready to put out a fire


The April 1 and 8 CERT training is now fully enrolled, but Emergency Preparedness chair Flo Hoylman promises to accommodate anyone wishing to go on the wait list. To add your name, please email Flo at flohoy@gmail.com.

Practice sessions on Saturday April 8 will take place on East and West Piers, Kappas Marina. Costs for the training will be paid by the FHA. The scenes above are from the CERT training that took place last October, 2016. If you see scenes like this on April 8, don’t be alarmed—it’s only a drill!