Buy a Dock — Benefit a Vet

One of the docks available to Transformational Sailing | photo by Tim Blair | post by Jenny Stein

Local nonprofit program—Transformational Sailing—the first veterans’ PTSD resilience and team-building sailing program on SF Bay—is launching a major fundraiser.

Floating docks—sourced from a boat harbor on Richardson Bay currently replacing all their docks—will be for sale. The docks being replaced have been granted to Transformational Sailing (TS) for a limited time—starting Nov 15 and ending Dec 10.

The floating docks are suited for a variety of uses: small boat docks, work docks, or even dock yachts (with the addition of an outboard motor). They are being offered to the Sausalito waterfront and floating homes community at an affordable price: from $300 to $1000 per dock, for lengths ranging from 20′ to 100′.

The sailing program, based at Travis Marina, Ft Baker, has been taking veterans and cancer patients, and their families, sailing since 2002.

Transformational Sailing is an all-volunteer grassroots effort run by its founder and director, Tim Blair. Tim—who has sailed more than 40 years—is a licensed captain, native Marinite and long time Sausalito resident now living in Sonoma County. With his counseling background, he provides a supportive team-building and mindfulness-oriented stress recovery program for his guest sailors.

All funds raised go towards operational costs of the program—such as dock and insurance fees and maintaining the sailboats of the program. In the planning stage (for this winter and next spring) is a program for PTSD stress-impacted first responders: firemen and paramedics.

The program welcomes volunteers to join in and assist TS as they expand their sailing programs into the next year. Transformational Sailing is organizing a sailing day on the Bay, and party, as a thank you for the first responders who were on the North bay fires, and as a launch for their sailing program for first responders.

Please contact Tim Blair at (415) 713 6876 ASAP to discuss and place a dock order.
Donations are tax deductible. The group enjoys 501(c)(3) status.
Local dock contractors and floating handymen should be able to move the purchased docks across Richardson Bay, and install them for you.
Everyone benefits from this fundraiser.