Board Meeting Notes – Oct 2020

Birds of a feather flock to FHA activities | photo and post by Larry Clinton


  • Treasurer Teddie Hathaway reported that the FHA lost $845 in the month of September. $450 in donations was received in September after a Floating Times article announced that the FHA was accepting donations on the membership page of its website.
  • Flo Hoylman, Larry Clinton and Carole Angermeir met to work on fundraising ideas. Flo is checking on FHA merchandise to sell from Café Press. An article in the Floating Times provides details. Flo will continue to work on this. Other fundraising ideas were presented including a raffle, historical tours and private tours.
  • Carole, Julan Pekkain and Teddie contacted the East Pier dock residents who were not FHA members. They got 7 new members. Teddie will share the flier they used with the Board.
  • Dock Rep Election ballots will be sent to FHA members on each dock the week of October 25.
  • An updated list of floating homes service providers (plumbers, painters, etc.) was provided to each dock rep. Anyone who needs a referral to a firm or individual with experience working on floating homes should ask their dock rep to share the appropriate listing(s) and then do their own due diligence.
  • The 2021 Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom, with no in-person gathering. More details will be announced in the Floating Times as they are finalized.
  • A 2021 FHA membership drive will be underway soon. Membership Co-Chair Jill Sherman will pursue a software program that automatically notifies people when they need to renew. The membership survey is complete and Co-Membership Chair Lisa McNalley reported that most of the participants responded positively.
  • The Board is exploring communications channels with the docks to augment the Floating Times.
  • Ted Sempliner and Teddie Hathaway have already signed up 6 new sponsors in the Floating Times and on the website. They have a designer who can help sponsors with their ads for a minimum of $30.
  • Larry and Jen Gennari are working on ways to send the Floating Times to the entire community. People will be able to opt out if they prefer not to see the weekly email updates.
  • Flo Hoylman pointed out that the survey confirmed that people want to know about dock safety measures. She would like dock reps to have dock-by-dock Zoom meetings on this. There will be a Zoom webinar conducted by the Southern Marin Fire District about Evacuation from our docks on October 29. 
  • FHA Coordinator Linda Sempliner was given approval to subscribe to Mailchimp, which would allow her to schedule emails to go out in the future.
  • Peter Hudson is putting a team together for pumping out residents’ waste tanks during a PSPS power outage. All marinas have plans to empty their collector tanks, so residents with power should be able to flush their toilets, shower and wash dishes. Pete cautioned that people should refrain from using generators until they get an all clear from the marina.
  • New Public Relations Chairs Arleen Ma and Scott Collins (South 40) were introduced to the Board.
  • Environmental Chair Jen Gennari is exploring the concept of installing one or more solar panel carports in a floating homes parking lot.
  • Larry Clinton suggested the idea of a virtual Tour for 2021. He is contacting floating homes realtors to see whether they could help us produce it. We could use this technique for years when we don’t have an in-person Open Homes tour.