Board Meeting Notes — Apr 2022

Davey Jones will serve four varieties of paella at the May 22 Day in the Park  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

Here are some of the items that were discussed or decided on at the April 12 FHA Board Meeting. More details will be reported later in the Floating Times.

  • Funds were requested and approved for May 22 Day in the Park: $2,500 and Emergency preparedness (CERT training reimbursements: $1,500).
  • FHA VP Pete Hudson is gathering information on contractors, barge repair solutions, businesses catering to barge repairs or fabrication to explore how they can collaborate to provide services to our community. Pete’s goal is to provide a list of vendors and options for owners with references.
  • Sasha Cole (Commodore) and Michael van Walt (South 40) met with the Alameda floating homes community regarding berth rent increases. The Alameda group will be invited to a future Board meeting.
  • FHA President Michael Labate reported that the community room at the Marin City fire station is still being used for lodging. The Board will continue looking for an in-person venue for Board meetings.
  • The Board approved Linda Futrell (Gate 6 ½) as the new volunteer secretary and Mari Steeno (Issaquah) and Kelly English (East Pier) as co-chairs of the Private Tour Committee. The Board voted to increase the flat fee for group tours to $1,800.
  • Emergency Preparedness Chair Flo Hoylman reported that the Red Cross is offering free 10-year smoke detectors, including installation. May 16 is a CERT refresher course in Point Reyes. Any CERT who wants to participate will be reimbursed the cost of the course. Flo has more COVID tests should anyone need them.
  • Jim Rettew (Liberty) will be stepping down from his role as webmaster/communications chair. A replacement volunteer is being sought. The job takes about four hours a week.