Beware the Tides of Summer

Public domain photo by Luis Clas of new moon from  | post by Larry Clinton

We’ve already experienced tides as high as 6.8 ft. in June, but more are on their way in July. It’s time to consult the tide charts and anticipate your travel needs and trip planning to take tides into consideration. When leaving town, it’s always a good idea to leave both car and house keys with a neighbor in case of emergencies, unexpected deliveries, etc.

This next round of high tides (above 6.7 feet MLLW) will start on July 11:

7/11                       Wed      10:42 p.m.           6.8 ft.

7/12                       Thu        11:24 p.m.          6.9 ft. (new moon)

7/13                       Fri            Midnight           6.8 ft.

7/14                       Sat          12:06 a.m.         6.8 ft.

7/15                       Sun         12:54 a.m.         6.6 ft.

Note that most of these occur in late evening or early morning hours, and over a weekend when visitors may be caught by surprise, so be sure you and your guests are aware and alert.

A new moon like the one on July 12 appears as a narrow waxing crescent when the moon is in conjunction with the sun, creating a gravitational pull similar to a full moon, and brings unusually high and low tides. Boaters, kayakers and other water sports enthusiasts should also be aware of these low tides, to avoid getting stranded offshore.

Check the tide chart on the opening page of this newsletter. Click for instructions on how to use it.

Although most of our parking lots have been raised above flood levels, there are still some low spots on Gate 6 Road, the bike path, and at Commodore Marina, to name a few.  Make sure that you and your vehicle, bike and feet stay dry.