Be Kind to Our Carts

Our carts are there to facilitate ferrying our groceries, and myriad other purchases, to our homes, and then carting out the refuse at the back end. Indispensable for loading up with luggage, or plants, or any number of heavy or awkward items, these carts make life on the docks that much easier. Beyond convenience, the carts are a necessity.

Please bear in mind that the carts are not infinitely disposable and we need to take some care to get the full life out of each cart, regardless the model. Under normal use we should expect several years use out of a cart before it needs to be replaced; a cart might make it for 18 months to 2 years before needing a complete refurbishment. Lately however, the carts are getting trashed and prematurely reaching the end of their usefulness. The FHA (who supply the carts) is discussing how best to maintain the carts we have (lubrication, periodic inspections and replacement of key parts) but whatever the outcome we need your help.

It’s common sense: heavy loads ruin the wheels and bend the frames (see the photos above). Please be mindful of the loads placed upon the carts and ask your contractors and builders to either limit loads or supply their own carts. Tradesmen really should be able to provide their own means for getting tools and materials on site. Beyond extending the life of the carts, limiting the use of the carts to the residents (for whom they are intended) will ensure that we can all find carts when we need them.

Photos by Flo Hoylman  |  post by Flo Hoylman and Jenny Stein