A Solo Sailing Race to Hawaii

On July 2, Issaquah resident Jiří Šenkyřík set sail, racing across the Pacific ocean to Hawaii – solo.

The Singlehanded TransPac 2016, the 20th edition, is a race from San Francisco (Tiburon) to Hanalei, on the north shore of Kauaʻi. This year, 22 men and one woman are participating, using their own boats. Unlike other races, the TransPac is about sailing what you’ve got, not crewing someone else’s boat.

Jiří, who outfitted his Olson 30 to sail autopilot so he can sleep, cook, and everything else, is an adventurous and experienced sailor. His boat, KATO, is one of eight in his division, with four divisions overall. “My biggest competitor is Rob Macdonald on the boat NINA, which has the same exact hull as mine,” says Jiří  “Rob is 61 and has 35 years of ocean racing experience.” Jiří is the youngest sailor at 28.

Brianne Kwasny, his girlfriend, will be waiting for him when he reaches Hawaii around July 16 or so. She says he reports that the start was “very cold but so much fun.”

Curious? You can track the race here:


and read the official program here.