A New Twist on the March 2, 2019 FHA Raffle

For the FHA annual meeting raffle this year, we are including service gifts.

Can you donate:
  • a quick ride to the Marin Airporter Manzanita stop?
  • 3 hours of organizing help
  • a freshly baked cake from a home recipe?

Service gifts are a great way to let your dock neighbors know you, and appreciate you.
In a way that’s easy for you!

To donate your talents (or resources) to the raffle, contact Katherine at kbbb@mindspring.com by February 28th.

Julie Durbin and Mari Steeno, and Julie Durbin and Michele Affronte, draw and distribute raffle prizes at the annual FHA party (2017 & 2018)   |  photos by Larry Clinton  |  post by Taylor Ray