A Look Back – 2017 Environmental Posts

Looking back over 2017 it’s clear the FHA Environmental Committee supports individual actions and choices—with posts addressing alternatives to herbicides for weed management, oyster shell recycling, and invasive plant species removal—alongside the bigger picture of sea level rise. To read a post, click the link/story title

For 2018 expect more posts encouraging simple actions that we—as individuals—can take, reflected in our choice of light bulbs or Zip Cars (mitigate against global warming), improving our recycling and composting (green practices) or participation in the annual Coastal Cleanup and e-Waste Recycling events (stewardship of our environment). 

Invasive Sea Lavender Threatens Our Shores

April 8, 2017 Sea Level Rise — How Vulnerable is Marin?

Apr 18, 2017   Lights Out for Dark-Sky Week

Apr 26, 2017   Please Give Our Geese A Break

May 8, 2017   Our Voices Have Been Heard









May 23, 2017   Gardening in the Time of Climate Change

May 25, 2017   Weeds – Down the Rabbit Hole

June 6, 2017   Sea Level Rise – Resilient by Design

June 12, 2017   Learn Weed Management Skills

June 27, 2017   Wild Oyster Project – Volunteers Needed

July 19, 2017   Embracing Sea Level Rise







July 23, 2017   Will Melting Iceberg Affect Richardson Bay?

Sept 17, 2017   Styrofoam, Cigarette Butts, and Plastic: Coastal Cleanup Cleans Up

Oct 22, 2017   Bird Drowned by Party Balloon

Oct 27, 2017  The Plight of the Sea Otter

Oct 31, 2017   Resilience Looks for Community Input

Nov 7, 2017   Community News: Fire Safety and eWaste

Big picture: think globally
Action: act locally