A Double Whammy: High Winds + the PGE Shutoff

Genny on the (Main) dock
Stefan and Liz examine the set up
South 40 has a water leak on the finger pier. Deciding if the whole dock loses water or we leak into the Bay until it can be fixed
Court and Stefan get ramp working again on Liberty
Boat capsized in rough sea and wind  |  photos by Flo Hoylman  |  post by Jenny Stein

Neighbors helping neighbors. It’s how we weathered the chaos brought on by some unusually high winds, coupled with yet another PGE shut-off. Larry Clinton opined, “I’ve never seen so many whitecaps, and I moved here in the winter of 1980-81, when 90mph gusts closed the GGB. Ironically, we never lost power during the storm, only later thanks to PG&E!”

Our community rallied, even as events challenged our resources and resourcefulness. On Main Dock a power line (connected to a generator) was provided by an unnamed resident, enabling the dock to charge phones and run basic services. Lots of unsung heroes went out of their way to see people were safe: securing lines, reconnecting ramps to boats and righting flipped watercraft. And no shortage of partying, with pumpkin carving and melting food pot lucks, and ice cream soup gatherings to keep it all in perspective.

Flo Hoylman, Emergency Preparedness Chair, wrote, “We survived ok because of our community and we will be much better prepared for the next time.”

Over at Gate 6 1/2 Melanie Rovens shot this 10-second video of the scramble to secure docks and watercraft.