Sausalito Village Grand Art Opening

Sausalito Village artists  |  Michael R. Lewis Photography  |  post by Mike Lewis and Jenny Stein

2019 Sausalito Village Annual Art Show — Showcasing local senior artists and authors —

The floating home community was again well represented at the 7th annual Sausalito Village Art Show, and at the opening reception hosted at the Sausalito Library on Sunday November 3, 2019.  21+ local senior artists, including 7 members of our community, submitted artwork or recently published books for this year’s art show.

Hillair Bell (South 40)  |  Bella’s World  |  photo triptych
Teddie Hathaway (East Pier)  |  Mirage: WinterTide  |  reverse painted, cast and sandblasted old window glass
Flo Hoylman (South 40)  | Floating Maze  |  felted Merino wool
Michael Sheats (South 40)  | Jah luv u mon  |  acrylic
Wilford Welch (East Pier)  |  In Our Hands: A Handbook for Intergenerational Actions to Solve the Climate Crisis

South 40’s Hillair Bell and Michael Sheats (long-standing members of the floating home community) have fostered this highly successful event from the very beginning. With their recent move to Oakland they will be passing on the leadership to another pair from of our community: East Pier’s Teddie and Brad Hathaway. Thanks to Hillair and Michael for all their hard work and best of luck to Teddie and Brad as they guide this event forward.

This event is open to members of the Sausalito Village organization. For more information about Sausalito Village and membership visit The artwork will be on display at the Sausalito Library until January 4, 2020.

Flo Hoylman and Felicity Hirsch
Sally Seymour, Hillair Bell and Michael Sheats
Tony Williams, Laurie Mills, Richard Kiiski and Flo Hoylman