Choppers Overhead through Thurs, Apr 30

PG&E is conducting routine low-level helicopter patrols to inspect gas transmission and distribution lines in Marin County, as part of its six-month leak survey and maintenance program. A helicopter will fly over parts of Wolfback Ridge and San Rafael through April 30. Flights will be coming and going from the Hayward... Read more

PG&E Power Outage Roils Community

We’re now in day 3 of a PG&E power outage that rolled through many of the docks on Friday and Saturday, and is now concentrated on East Pier and A Dock. Actually, not a power outage per se as fortunately PG&E has supplied portable generators (gennies) to keep both docks... Read more

When will the WPH Construction End?

The Waldo Point Harbor Reconfiguration is in the final stages, according to Dan Hughes, WPH project manager. The crew will start back to work in late spring with prepping the park site, which is now the old Gates Coop parking area. In June, when the permit allows, they will begin the in-water... Read more

Gate 6 Intersection Update

BRIDGEWAY AND NB 101 ON-RAMP INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS A number of floating homes residents attended the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) monthly meeting on Nov. 21. The Gate 6 Intersection Improvement project is moving forward, and the good news includes: a signal and green lane for the bicyclists heading south... Read more

Gate 6 Rd and Bridgeway Water Main Disruption

I. Post by Teddie Hathaway The construction has encountered a variety of unanticipated objects while digging in the intersection, including boulders, tree trunks and a section of old railroad. The estimated project completion date is now Friday, December 11. The water main that is being replaced serves the residents and... Read more

Waldo Point Harbor Construction Update

As many of you have noticed, the Waldo Point Harbor reconfiguration project is nearing the end. One of the last remaining tasks is to pave the old railroad property lot. To provide new water service to the new Charles Van Damme Dock, Waldo Point Harbor is relocating a Marin Municipal... Read more