WPH Construction Expected to Finish by Early 2018

Demolition underway
Scooping debris from the mud
Clearing the waterway
Atop Mount Waldo  |  Photos by Candice Gold

You may have noticed there is renewed activity in the Gate 6 area. I contacted Waldo Point Harbor construction superintendent Dan Hughes to ask for an update on the project and completion timelines. The following is the response I received, which leads to the belief that construction must be completed this calendar year, with only minor detail work remaining for 2018. Good News!

WPH project contractors are currently at work constructing the in-water wetlands that are required as part of the project. That work, along with the park construction, will likely continue through fall of 2017. Currently, the schedule calls for final landscaping of the park to occur late fall and be completed by end of November 2017. This completion will include the remaining parking lot areas within the park/railroad property and the park itself. That will conclude the on-land work associated with the WPH project. WPH will then perform final walk-throughs from all permitting agencies, and generate punch list items. Miscellaneous work will continue through the winter 2017/2018—and into spring 2018—to address the punch list items, perform remaining home moves (Main Dock), and work towards obtaining final project completions from all permitting agencies by spring 2018.

This anchor from the Ferry Charles Van Damme was salvaged in the WPH cleanup  |  photo by Larry Clinton |  post by Stan Barbarich

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