What are Your Legal Rights?

Grey skies are gonna clear up | photo by Donna Lunsford | post by Larry Clinton

Here’s installment #3 in the Legislative Action Committee’s series of multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge about your rights:

Question: Where can you find your legal rights as a floating homeowner in Marin?

  1. Sausalito Municipal Code
  2. Marin County Code
  3. California Tenant Protection Act
  4. Floating Home Residency Law

Look for the correct answer next week.

Last Week’s Question:

You’re selling your home and you and the buyers have agreed on a price and conditions. The buyers need financing to complete the deal. Your marina offers the buyer a one-year lease. Can they get a ten-year (or longer) loan?

Answer 2: The Floating Home Residency Law states: “A homeowner shall be offered a rental agreement for (1) a term of 12 months, (2) a lesser period as mutually agreed upon by both the homeowner and the management, (3) a longer period as mutually agreed to secure financing from a conventional lending institution.” Calif. Civil Code 800.23.