Waterside Numbers

photos by Jen Gennari  |  post by Jenny Stein


Why install waterside numbers? IF we had to carry out a water rescue, or needed to remove people from the waterside, the Marine Patrol could more easily find the home. IF we had a fire on a dock, we might find we’d need to remove people by water. And IF an earthquake took down one or more docks, we might be helping injured people from the waterside or bringing supplies to a home via the same means.

A lot of ‘IF’s, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? So far roughly 180 homes have opted to install the numbers. While one dock has all but one home participating, most docks have numbers for at least one-third of the homes. Not a bad start at all.

If you would like to participate, you can request numbers from your Dock Rep or contact Flo Hoylman: flohoy@gmail.com. The FHA is picking up the tab for the 3.5″ reflective aluminum numbers—one way the FHA is working to make our community safer.

Thanks to Flo Holman, chair of the Emergency Preparedness committee for recognizing the need for waterside numbers, and then organizing the effort. Additional emergency preparedness info is posted on the FHA website: CLICK HERE TO VIEWAnd a final reminder: in planning for an emergency, the only way off the docks might be via water.