WARNING! Flood Watch in Effect Jan 4-5

Parking lots flooded during a rainstorm on December 12 with a high tide of just 5.7 feet | photo and post by Larry Clinton

Another Atmospheric River arrives late Wednesday, January 4, continuing into Thursday with heavy rain leading to likely flooding across the Bay Area. A High Wind Watch is also in effect. The combination may trigger mud slides and power outages. More detailed information from NOAA is available here.

In addition, a 6–foot tide is projected at 10:30 AM on January 6. You can see further details on the tides on the Floating Times tide graph. As the accompanying photo shows, low lying areas can flood with heavy rain even during lower tides, so it’s wise to move vehicles to higher ground. Marin County’s emergency portal provides additional information on tides, flood warnings and flood preparedness, road closures and other storm-related information as well.

For power outage updates, call PG&E at 800 743-5002 or check their Outage Map online.