Waldo Point Harbor Project Update

photos and post by Jen Gennari

Dan Hughes, WPH project manager, provided the following update for the state of the multiyear reconfiguration of Waldo Point Harbor and the Gates Cooperative. For back history, please read about it here.

The Coop homes are moving to the new Charles Van Damme floating dock, and several now call the south side of the CVD dock home. The crane barge has been brought in to the lagoon area north of the CVD, around the Appleton Ark, to remove debris in the mud and to place piles for finger piers and home tie-offs. This effort should be completed within the next couple of months. The last small segment of the sheet pile wall, in front of and around the Appleton Ark, is also going to be installed in the next couple months.

Once the sheet pile wall is installed and the debris cleared and Coop homes have been moved, Dan says they can prepare the area immediately outside the wall for wetland improvement. This is a project requirement and must be done from both the water side and land side. The future park cannot be started until the wetland area is complete.

As of early September 2016, the timeline for improvements is as follows: the home moves to CVD and debris cleanup in the Coop/CVD area will take place through winter into spring; once complete, the wetland improvement can happen (spring 2017) with the start of the park improvement occurring thereafter (summer 2017).

The gravel entrance to the CVD parking lot will be left unpaved for construction access to the park so no new paving is damaged during park construction activities. Once the park is completed, the observation pier will be installed (the public access dock off the park point). The final paving will then be done in/around the park and the CVD parking entrance.

Main Dock moves are ongoing. Dan says they are preparing the next space in the coming months and attempting a regular schedule for home moves. Main Dock residents will be contacted well before any planned moves of their homes to coordinate their home move.

Dan writes:

We are hopeful that the major improvements will be completed by the end of 2017. We will then enter the ‘final’ or ‘closeout’ period where we’ll need to have inspections, and a punch-list review, etc. with all the necessary permitting agencies (Marin County, City of Sausalito, BCDC). That will likely run through 2018 with miscellaneous closeout-type small activities going on here and there as required by those agencies.