Tour Proceeds Shared with Nonprofits

Courtney Good and Larry Clinton  |  Selfie by Elmo
Mari Steeno gets a thank-you hug from Trisha Smith
Suki with Wyna Barron and Freddie Cobey (l. to r.)
photos and post by Larry Clinton  |  this story originally appeared in the Winter 2016 Floating Times 

The Floating Homes Association Tour Committee has presented checks totaling $6,000 to the three nonprofits who helped with the 2016 Open Homes tour.

As tour co-director and a volunteer at The Marine Mammal Center, I was proud to present a donation to Courtney Good, Guest Experience Coordinator at the Center, under the approving gaze of Elmo the Elephant Seal. The Center is the oldest and largest hospital in the world treating sick and injured seals, sea lions and other marine mammals. Last year one harbor seal patient, Issy, was rescued off Issaquah Dock.

Trisha Smith, President of Sausalito Village, exuberantly accepted a check from Mari Steeno, co-director of the FHA Tour Committee. Since October 2010, Trisha’s volunteer-based non-profit organization has been offering services to enhance the ability of seniors to live independently, remaining active and integral to our community. Many floating homes residents are Sausalito Village volunteers and members.

Suki Sennett of Main Dock, who serves on the board of the Friends of the Marin City Library, presented a check to fellow FOMCL board members Wyna Barron and Freddie Cobey. Freddie coordinates the dozens of volunteers who have helped on our tour for the past 13 years. The organization has prepared a Power Point presentation showing how our donations are being put to use funding library and community educational activities. To view it, click HERE.